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Our courses offer training in all techniques of Micropigmentation – don’t spend thousands of dollars traveling to several different schools!

This course offers everything ALL IN ONE COURSE!   Manual – Rotary- Digital- Dixon Technique

BASIC CLASS – Brows, Lips, Eyeliner, Microblading

Brows- with machine and manual tool (Hair stroke eye brows/ Micro Blading) PLUS – Eye Brow Techniques – Shading, Fading, Powder Brow, Full Eyeliner, Full Lips, Ombre’ lips, Beauty marks. Manual, Rotary, Digital and Dixon, Techniques taught/ Full kit included to get you started in your new career!  This class includes * Basic Digital Machine, Microblading tools, pigments, numbing creams, Etc. – Complete kit! Please Note: Does Not Include Additional Classes.


  • Extensive training in all techniques of Micropigmentation (Permanent Cosmetics)
  • All equipment to get you started (KP machine included with class, digital machine is not included)
  • We provide live models for students
  • C E hours credited to licensed professionals
  • Complete sanitation, sterilization, HIV awareness, color blending, state law segment
  • Skin education
  • How to properly work with needles
  • Extensive hands on training (25 procedures)
  • Exam / Certificate of completion

(For a syllabus of class please contact Deb Long)
This is a one on one class given at the facility. All hands on, on live models. Models are provided by the school.

$4,995.00 – 5 Days

(AAM & Stated Board Approved Course)


Deluxe Class- Basic through Advanced Training – Best class choice!

Basic &  Advanced Brows – Done with machine and hand tool (hair stroke eye brows/ Micro Blading 3-D ) PLUS– Advanced Eye Brow Techniques – Fusion Brow! Shading, Fading, Powder Brow, Advanced Eyeliner, Butterfly eyeliner, smudgy liner, eye shadow, 3D lips, Ombre’ Lips, Beauty Marks, Freckles & More!

Brows, Lips ,Eyeliner, Microblading, Scalp pigmentation, Scars Camouflage, Areola, Tattoo Removal, Micro Needling, Kryo Machine (Pre-numbing Freezing  Device), *Eyelash Class,( to Professionals), Advanced Techniques in micropigmentation, (Continued Education hours if needed)

Includes full kit including Deb Longs signature machine the Micro Kryo Digital Machine! This machine can only be purchased from Deb Long! Be one of the only ones in the world to know how to use this exclusive European designed machine! Kit includes – Deb Long Pigments, and Numbing creams! Full Microblading Kit, Micro Needling Kit, Lash Kit, Complete Micropigmentation Kit and all supplies needed to get you started working in your career!

$7,995.00 – 6 Days (This class has a $17,000.00 value!!!!)


Micro Blading Training/ 3D Brow Class

Micro Blading /3D is a newer technique designed to look a real brow. Thin 3D hair strokes about 1 mm under the skin’s surface using a specially designed tool and all-natural pigment (no machines). The “Real Brow Look” method can fill in sparse brows or create a new brow. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoos, the Micro Blading/ 3D method won’t leave a flat dull look and is a much safer treatment. The “3D” effect adds realism to the end result; which makes this the perfect procedure for Men and Women seeking to improve the look of their brows. Micro Blading lasts approximately the same time as the traditional “hair stroke” brow and fade completely without leaving a shadow behind. To maintain the 3D brow, touch ups (May) be necessary every 9 – 12 months. Depending on each individual person.


Custom Color Blending for brow pigments are chosen for each individual client as well as custom design. Existing brows are left in place to blend with the new 3D brow.


Training classes are available for Micro Blading /3D Brows, as well as full training courses on Micropigmentation (Permanent Cosmetic Make up).


Call today Deb Long 309-370-1629


Students are responsible for their own transportation/lodging. Special days/times may be arranged upon request If you are traveling from another state/country and require more hours we can accommodate these programs.
Call now to enroll for Permanent Cosmetic Make-up Training at 309-370-1629.
Illinois Tattoo License #2104762
School licenses may be verified at
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This school is approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


Approved Training Facility /State Board of Higher Education/ Board Certified Instructor Specializing inMicro Blading/ Micro Needling/ Micropigmentation/ Corrections/ EliminINK


We now accept V/A GI Grants!


Professional Permanent make up training in Metamora, Chicago, Tazewell, Canton, Bloomington, Minonk and many more areas in Illinois.


Aside from quality and beautiful permanent make up services, we, at Permanent Make up by Deb also provide full course in Airbrush Make up/ permanent make up training and techniques in Chicago, Canton, Bloomington, Minonk and other neighboring areas in Illinois.


Our permanent make up training course includes learning ALL techniques of micro pigmentation. It is an ALL IN ONE COURSE that includes Manual – Rotary- Digital- Dixon Technique.


Aside from that, the course also includes classes on complete sanitation, sterilization, HIV awareness, color blending and state law segment. We also include skin education and how to properly work with needles.


We also provide students with extensive one on one hands on training to apply the techniques they have learned and other things about micro pigmentation. Such as Micro blading, (Hair stroke Eye brows) Butterfly eyeliner, 3-D lip color, micro needling, Tattoo removal and much more!


Furthermore, we have certified, licensed and experienced professional trainer (Deb Long). You also get to use equipment like KP & PMC Kryo machines. We also provide the models. This is a one on one Training class.


At the end of the course, students will be awarded with a certificate of completion and an official School transcript.


Permanent make up training/ Airbrush Make up Training- available Permanent Make up by Deb–in Chicago, Tazewell, Canton, Bloomington, Minonk, Metamora and many more areas so you do not need to travel far!


This school is approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


Contact us today for the class syllabus.